Bhool Bhoolaiya – Worth watching once

Warning: Spoiler ahead….

Typical Priyadarshan movie… Movie starts with comic sequence in a Haweli with Paresh Rawal who is assigned to maintain and clean it before its owner Sidhharth (Shiny Ahuja) comes to stay for some time from America with his wife Avani (Vidhya Balan). Incidently Haweli has got a ghosts inside which later is revealed to be that of Manjulika, a dancer in the court of the king. The king, jealous of love between Manjulika and Shashidhar (a musician in the king’s court) kills Shashidhar in cold blood in front of Manjulika. She kills herself after that and her ghosts hounds in the Haweli making life of everybody living in the Haweli a pain. This is the story which is bought by all the villagers and they live happily everafter accepting this fact and avoiding the Haweli…

..only till Sidhharth with his wife comes and insists to live in the same Haweli… It takes almost half of the movie to built the plot.. and movie looks very drab but for one or two comic sequences… The mood changes completely with the entry of Akshay (dont remember the name in the movie) , a phychiatrist friend of Shiny who comes to treat Radha (Ameesha Patel). Radha had lond cherished dreams of marrying Shiny but her dreams get shattered when Shiny comes with his ten days old marriage with Avani… Shiny attributes all the unpleasant and ghostly incidents happening in Haweli to Radha…

What follows if a drama unravelling the mystery of the ghost in the Haweli.. Akshay justifies his role as a good entertainer and completely takes control of the plot in the later half of the movie… Vidhya acts well specially when Manjulika enters her … Shiny is usual.. Ameesha has got a small part which is plays aptly…

In all.. a good paisa wasool entertainer…

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