Investment Biker

Just completed reading this book by Jim Rogers. A brief layman’s into to Jim Rogers: He has made lot of money in stock markets and retired at 43 (not sure if I am correct about that). Other than investment biker, he has written “Adventure capitalists” and “Hot commodities”. He is very bullish about commodities. I have not completely understood his logic why he says that.

Coming back to the book, it is a well written diary about his trip around the world. While writing about his journey, major and minor incidents happening throughout and biking, he also mentions about the economy of the nations he visits. He gives his opinion about the future of the country depending on its political condition and government policies. He studies stock markets and invests if he is comfortable.

The journey starts from New York and is broken into four parts: 1) From Ireland, across the whole of Europe and China to Japan 2) from Japan, across Siberia and back to Ireland 3) Across Africa and then to Australia and finally 4) across South Ameria and central America from south to north… The whole journey spans over some two years and more than 65K kilometeres…

His message is clear: keep aways from countries where government puts its leg in every business and have closed economy. He is for countries where free trade and entrepreneurship is encouraged. Some of the countries he invested: South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand etc..

In all, a good book. However he doesnt speak anything about India. That is the reason why I am looking forward to read adventure capitalists.

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