Movie Marathon

It has been a long weekend (with one day to go) and because of lack of any plans to go out, I decided for a moviethan, i.e. watching movies non-stop for as long as I have the availability irrespective of the quality of the movie. Although I have had lot of such moviethans in my college, but now with lot of work-pressure (:p) and family life, I do not get lot of such chances. So here is my 1-day movie streak:

Thur night: “The King of Bollywood” – Starring Om Puri, who hogs most of the screen presence, it is kind of an attempt to make a spoof of Indian movie industry. Similar attempt, and a very descent one was made by Nagesh Kukunoor in his movie “Hollywood Bollywood”. On the other hand, this one was mostly like a B grade movie.

Fri morning: “Leon”
– This was the best one of all. The story is around a hitman named Leon (played by Jean Reno) and a twelve year girl named Mathilda (Natalie Portman). The entire plot was very gripping more so the ending. A very well executed movie with fine dialogs. Definitely a must watch.

Fri afternoon: “Singh is King”
– The movie has nothing more than Akshay. He has got this ability to make you laugh just by the way he talks. The movie had arbitrary flow, dance and action sequences. And it becomes a bit dragging after second half. Should have given it a miss and gone for “The Dark Knight” 😦

Fri night: “The terrorists” – A tamil movie dubbed in Hindi with English subtitles. A part of life of suicide bomber Malli, the movie builds around her feelings and emotions. Water is depicted multiple times (probably inspired by Tarkovsky).

Sat morning: “Ugli aur Pugli” – Couldnt make out the purpose of this movie. Was it for comedy? It failed. Ranvir tries to make people laugh ans succeeds at times but by the end of the movie, i got so bored that I decided to break my Moviethan.

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