Watching too much TV?

After spending just little time in front of the TV, I realize that it has been almost 2 hours I have been watching it! Where did the time go?

Killing time with TV has never been too difficult. One of the primary reasons is burgeoning channels going to around 250-300 number and still counting. So if I start from channel 0, and spend approximately 5 minutes in each of the 10 channel of interest to me (say Discovery, NatGeo, History, T&L,CNN, CNBCTV18, UTVi, CNBC AWAZ, one of the movie channels etc), one hour is just gone in browsing!!! And then there is high probability that I will find something interesting to watch for an hour. May be news or a program. If its a movie, it can span up to 3 hours and sometimes more with commercials.

So now it answers my question about spending two hours without knowing where they passed.

Most of the news shown on the TV is just noise. Its difficult to remember what I watched last evening or what was the sensex level yesterday. All it does is that it adds vividness to the most recent event and bias our mind towards it. So if I stop watching news (read noise) and instead read history (actual signal), I can easily reduce half an hour from two hours of my TV time.

Watching movies for me is utter waste of time since I have seen “most” of the good movies being shown. So Its just revision of some good moments in a movie. The worst part is that I can watch a movie (read – revise it) again and again even if I have seen it 10 times before. So refraining myself from watching bits n pieces of movies save another half an hour a day.

Switching channels is another activity which consumes enough time. If a program is worth watching, I can switch on the TV just for watching that program and avoid switching or browsing too many channels. This leaves me just half an hour of TV which is fine in my opinion, as TV is also a good learning medium if used judiciously.

So Lets see if I can control myself from tomorrow..

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