Three people to have lunch with

Three people I would choose to have lunch with

First would be Ratan Tata and there are multiple reason. Almost everyday, while driving from home to office and vice versa, I see a two kids hanging on to a bike. One of them sitting on the fuel tank and another one sand-witched between his/her parents. Add to that occasional rains in Bangalore. And this I see this while sitting in my car comfortably enjoying the AC. While I just thought about this, there is one man who is doing something about it. I wish that his vision of a successful Nano come true.

Secondly, If would like to talk about his daily schedule and how does he afford to do it. I don’t have a count of how many companies belong to Tata’s chairmanship. And if he gives just an hour of his day talking to each of his companies, it would take considerable amount of his time just for that. And as far as I think he involves himself in all the strategic decision making in these companies.

I would also like to discuss with him about life of JRD and Jamsetji and running the business ethically in this environment of corruption and companies like Reliance.

Second person would be Warren Buffet and this one is no brainer. I know it costs a lot to have a lot of money to have a lunch with Buffet and only likes of Pabrai can afford to do this. But since this is just a wish-list, I can take the liberty of including his name. Although I want to get rich like him but this lunch will not be for tips of stocks or fundaes about businesses. This would be about his guts. Guts for donating more that 80% of his billions of dollars to charity. How much does it take to give it away when accumulating it was the main task that you did for your entire life?

Narendra Modi would be the third person. And this one would be to learn something about influencing people and task execution. However, I have got other choices too for this spot like Obama, Guy Kawasaki and many others. May be I should think if there is a unique person like the first two guys.

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