Uses of an Elevator

It was a boring meeting – kind of a broadcasting where a lecturer speaks to a group of people without caring the reception of the content among listeners. So I decided I would rather do something better then sleeping. Getting an idea from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, I decided to list down the uses of an elevator. Heres the list:

1. Transportation – No brainer. An elevator is used to move either up or down.

2. Killing someone – As in like in movies. Let a 10-ton elevator fall on someone and he will not wake up ever.

3. Using Fan – So ACs are not working? No big deal. Get into an elevator and switch on the fan!

4. Privacy – No comments!

5. Experience free fall – Elevator malfunctions and u fall freely. Havent experienced it so do not know what happens in the end.

6. Playing – Only for kids

7. Scribbling – For naughty types of people who think that they are great artists.

8. Racing with it – Lets see who reaches first on the eight floor first – me on the stairs or you with the elevator.

9. Movie making – A murder mystery revolving around it.

10. Using power – If you want to waster some power. Just keep running it up and down.

12. Catching a thief – You catch a thief in your surveillance camera, switch off the power and call police.

13. Practical for mechanic and electrical engg – self explanatory

15. Learning numbers – Board the lift with your kid and keep rocking between 25th floor and ground floor staring at the LCD screen. Call out the numbers loud for better effect.

16. Know the temperature – Some elevators have temperature sensor

17. Scenery view – in the types with transparent glasses

18. Advertisement – OOH is catching up and one can earn a lot putting posters/TV in elevators

19. Notice board – It has been brought to notice that you have been (mis)using the elevator quite often. Any miscreant will be treated strictly and punished with a life sentence. And mind you, this lift can carry just 8 people. The ninth people will go to hell and take other eight along with him.

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