Another Movie Marathon

Someday you wake up with a plan. someday things just happen. 31st December was one such day. It started with the morning 10 o’clock show at INOX with Tron Legacy. Followed up by Richie Rich (1994) in the afternoon, animated Cars in the evening and Twilight Saga and LOTR (probably for the 25th time) in the night. Here are short reviews.

Tron Legacy – I am not too much into sci-fi movies and don’t watch many of them. In spite of that, I find them to be so similar to each other. Tron Legacy was no different. Matrix was the movie, rest many of them are just hangovers with programs and grids and users. To give some points, it had few good 3D effects.

Richie Rich – Fun movie to watch with family but gets too dragging by the time it ends. Nothing new in the story but a good timepass.

Twilight Saga – I had been holding off myself from watching vampire movies. And after watching this movie, I think I was rightly so. A girl loves a Vampire and then there are werewolves and confrontations between the three parties. The marathon was taking its toll, I dozed off in between.

LOTR – The Return of the King – My favourite of the trilogy and one of the favourites of all the movies. Wonderful story (read the book), fabulous productions, amazing war scenes and Aragorn. Enough to keep you awake even when you are watching it nth time and it is 3 o’clock of the happy new year morning.

Next movie marathon wish-list – Social Network, Wall Street 2, Dhobhi Ghat, a good war movie and a good animation movie.

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