Why do you want to start a company?

Mauka Singh: I smell big opportunity in this idea of mine which I can execute very well. Man, I am going to change this world and make lot of money.

Rocky the rockstar: Yaar I cannot handle this shit anymore. I want to create something better.

Jignesh Shah: Dhando samajh mein aata hai mereko. Aur mereko wahi karna hai.

Pratap Bhanawat Singh: Papa ka sapna tha to expand this empire. My new company is going to do just that.

Pappu Panwala: I will sell pan and cigarettes and earn my livelihood sirji. No other option. Besides, it is not a bad option.

Jonny Picturewala: You know, I love making movies and you know I can make better movies than what these dumb guys are making today.

Peter MBA: Starting with 20Lacs and 20% increment per annum will make me a millionaire in so and so years. I will start this company and get $5 million VC funding and start paying myself obscene kind of money next year.

David Engineer: My job sucks. All jobs suck. WTF, I want to be my own boss.

Raghu Romeo: Kuch karna hai yaar life mein..

Udar Sharma: I would create an enterprise providing end to end solutions in education and this will in turn help create thousands of jobs for my country. I am going to grow manifold and pay tax to the government and keep helping my country.

Ram Prasad: So much poverty around yaar and nobody is targeting these poor chaps.I will show the world that I can serve the bottom of pyramid and still grow and make profits.

Jockey Singh: I want a more challenging role and I think I have more potential than what I am doing. I think doing a company will let me unleash my potential and create value around me.

Dhanraj: Major paise banane ka aur kya legal tarika hai?

Saharika: Why should I tell you?

Miharika: Saharika started. Thats why.

What is your reason? Do you need one?

Disclaimer: All names are fictional and so are all the stories.

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