At Eduflix: A New Company Is Born

A New Company Is Born.

[Reproduced in entirety]

Why are people so irrational? Why do people quit their cushy jobs to start a new company? Statistically, majority of the new companies fail. The remaining ones find it difficult to scale up. Then there is a family to look after – school going kids and  older parents to look after. Many a times, there is no bank balance for security either. Then why? Reminds me what Gimli says in Lord of the Rings – “Certainty of death, *small* chance of success… What are we waiting for?”

Well, people do take chances because the ring needs to be destroyed. Because there are other guys in the team who provide the support structure. Because the team has a common purpose. And because people are crazy.

Our story is no different. We have a purpose – to create a difference in key sectors of India using technology. And we are a fellowship – a family guy in mid 30s quitting his cushy corporate job and a 29-something family guy betting his career on this fellowship. We are going to add more crazy people to this fellowship. And we are irrational enough to stand at the gates of Mordor in the hopes that Sauron will turn his eye towards us and Frodo can destroy the ring – “There is always hope” said Aragorn. Come what may, we will keep working towards our goal and keep the hopes alive.

And as Theoden said – “So it begins”

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