At Eduflix: 4 Stories And Many Questions

4 Stories And Many Questions.

[Reproduced in entirety]

Anil is a 16 years old kid living in Kanakpura, a town 50 Kms away from Bangalore. Anil’s dad is a teacher and like many parents in India, spends a considerable amount of his income on his kids’ education. Anil wants to become an Engineer and wants to appear for IIT JEE two years from now. However, because of his dad’s financial condition, he cannot afford to get out of his home town and take admission in better schools in the nearby metro. He attends local tuition classes but he also realizes that the one he attends is very sub-standard to get him through JEE. Anil shares his room with his younger brother who is in 8th standard.

Bhavani studies in Std 12th in one of the best schools of Dehradun. Bhavani loves visiting Facebook and chats with her friends everyday. Shalini and Jaya are her best friends and they spend most of their evenings together studying or playing scrabble. Bhavani also loves dancing and wants to learn Bharatanatyam. However, non-availability of teacher in her locality has hampered her progress in learning. Later in life, Bhavani wants to become a doctor to fulfill her grandmother’s wish.

Pawan was not able to get into a good Engineering college because of his lower rank in engineering entrance test. Not that he is not smart, he was just unlucky to be not well while attempting the engineering test. He loves programming on his new computer. However, he finds it extremely difficult to proceed when he gets stuck on some problems. His teachers are fresh graduates from tier-2 colleges who have become teachers because they were not able to land a good corporate job. Further, his friends are not equally passionate about programming like he is. One day, Pawan wants to start his own company to build software products targeting Indian market.

Aadithya is in sixth standard and clueless about what he wants to do in his life. He spends endless hours on internet browsing through youtube videos and articles about dinosaurs, new cars and gadgets. Sometimes he just stares blank on the screen thinking about which website shall he visit next. He is extremely smart and finishes his homework quickly before starting on his internet adventures. Sometimes he just gets lost in myriad of low quality content available online.

These stories are very common across hundreds of cities in India. Talented students out of their luck to get a decent platform to enable them to meet their true potential. Can we provide this platform to these students? A platform that can team up with kids’ ability and provide them with the much needed headstart in their lives? These are the kind of questions we, the Team Eduflix, keep asking and brainstormiing when we work on Eduflix. Can Eduflix become companion of Pawan and solve his problems when he gets stuck? Can Eduflix teach Bharatanatyam to Bhavani? Can Eduflix help Aadithya find what he wants and more importantly what is more appropriate for him? Can Eduflix provide the best learning experience to millions of kids irrespective of where they live, at an affordable rate? Only time will tell the answers. However, at this moment, we are trying our best to meet all these expectations.

4 thoughts on “At Eduflix: 4 Stories And Many Questions

  1. i appreciate your efforts, in a way you are doing the typical task of nation building by helping young indians realise their dreams, many best wishes for that.
    I look forward to know your concept and plan to execute your ideas.

  2. I WISH FOR THE BRIGHT FUTURE OF INDIAN STUDENT.,Eduflix is boon for the analysis of basic as wel application level deals with how to study and why to study rather then what to it is best plateform for every student .it is encouragement capsule in the form of social learning.

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