At Eduflix: Advantages of Video Learning (and Eduflix)

Advantages of Video Learning (and Eduflix).

[Reproduced in entirety]

For Students – Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own speed. Customize your learning.

Imagine the best teacher of algebra coming to your study room and teaching you exactly the same concept that you are finding difficult. You can ask her to repeat umpteen number of times and even rush through stuff that you have already understood. And then, in case you don’t like the methods used by this teacher, you call another one – also one of the best teachers – to teach the same concept in a different way. You can also choose three different teachers for three different courses in mathematics, say for algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Needless to say, video learning enables learning from the best teachers unconstrained by the time and place.

For Teachers –  Create lessons once. Save time for more productive sessions.

Depending on the timings of Schools, one subject typically gets around 150 to 200 hours of time slot. This time is not sufficient for the vast syllabus covered by our education boards (The other day, I almost fainted looking at the syllabus of 12th grade Chemistry and kept wondering how I managed to get through it). As a result, most of the time in classroom is spent in just going through the lessons, leaving very little time or no time for interactions and doubt clearing sessions. Good goes the saying – “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand”. Basically, enough of time is spent in hearing and seeing that there is no time for doing. Video-learning provides a solution. What about completing this hearing part and seeing part through videos and reserve the classroom time for doing stuff?

In addition, teachers would find their tasks more fulfilling, which in current system involves delivering the same lecture again and again to many batched of students. So why not record the lecture once [the best of the best lecture you have ever delivered] and let as many kids watch it, any time and for any number of years?

Video Learning and Eduflix

Eduflix is about video learning. However, Eduflix is not just about video learning. Eduflix attempts to fill the gaps that exist in video learning and tries to bring out the best of classroom experience and self learning. To get the best of classroom learning, we enable social learning among students. Students can ask questions to their teacher or to fellow students.  They can poke their friends the same way, share their favorite lessons and exercises, form groups to work on an assignment and do many more things. The only difference is that teacher is not in the room and the fellow students are not sitting beside. Besides social learning, Eduflix also brings accountability by enabling students to keep track of their progress through their lessons – how are they performing across various courses, what are their weak points and where do they need to spend more time? All this in real time, as and when they test themselves after taking lessons.

In brief Eduflix is “video learning + social learning + progress tracking” all in one application. And it does not end there. Eduflix also hosts a discovery engine that enable kids to find the right lesson they should watch. Being inspired by the recommendation experience one goes through while shopping on Amazon, we try to bring the similar experience to kids while learning.

All said, there is no alternative to Classroom learning. There is no alternative to reading books as well. However, we believe that traditional learning supplemented with this new form of learning can do wonders for students. Here is a table that compares Eduflix and Video learning with other forms of learning.

Video Learning

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