Good Corruption, Bad Corruption and Ugly Corruption

Corruption - Money talks
Corruption - Money talks

The whole India is shaken today. The fight between Anna Hazare and Government has taken an ugly turn. Both the parties have different perspectives to deal with corruption and no end in sight for a mutual consensus.

While watching all this action on TV and on Facebook, I tried to remember incidents when I had to pay bribes or extra money to get things done –

– To Ticket Inspector in train to get a better berth for family
– To an agent to speed up my driving license
– Again to an agent to get vehicle registration transferred

Well if you think in one way, what is the harm being done to nation by these kinds of corruption? In fact it actually helped in moving our economy faster. The berth would have gone vacant had I or someone else not paid bribe to the TTE, so system became more efficient. The TTE got extra income which he probably spent on his kids’ education. Similarly, by paying money to the agent to get things done from government agencies saved my day to spend more productively on things I am good at. Also the agent is making his living by greasing up the system. The “agent” economy in India is a big one today providing livelihood to thousands of people.

This, in my opinion, is good corruption. Corruption which speeds up our nation and makes it more efficient. There is a kind of capitalist shade to this corruption. You can buy “getting things done”.. without harming the nation / government exchequer.

Bad corruption is about –

– Influencing a judgement or criminal procedure
– Use of government power to get favorable deals  (eg. mining licenses)
– Issuing two passports or fake licenses
– Frauds in balance sheets / annual results

This kind of corruption promotes unfairness and loss to the nation, impedes the growth.  And then there is ugly corruption – systematic corruption done at higher levels by politicians and higher officers.

So my point is – bring out bills to hamper bad and ugly corruption but let the good corruption stay in place. Or may be give it some other name and make it legal. Some people might say that there is very subjective line between good and bad corruption and who is to decide this line. There are simple questions to ask
– Is this corruption creating loss to the nation?
– Is this corruption depriving someone of rightful right?
– Is my heart beating faster while doing this (does not apply for everyone)?

Is the answer is Yes – it is bad corruption. Don’t proceed. Jay Hind 🙂

What do you think? Is there anything like good corruption?

4 thoughts on “Good Corruption, Bad Corruption and Ugly Corruption

  1. Yes corruption is GOOD for Indians. Fellows like Anna Hazare should be jailed for trying to deprive the poor govt servants from meeting their livelihood without providing them a decent months salary to educate JUST ONE KID !

  2. Luke 16:10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”

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