Ad: Hum Mein Hai Hero

Sometimes I watch TV just to catch on with advertisements being aired. And this particular Ad, composed and sung by A.R. Rahman caught my attention.

The lyrics catch the true emotions of all the characters shown in the video. A girl attempting gymnastics in front of the crowd, a middle-aged Sardarji overwhelmed by the number of steps in front of him, a kid starting on the dance floor and so on. Doesn’t everyone face this kind of situation in one’s life.  And don’t we feel like a Hero while going through such situations? And there are always people who look up to us irrespective of whether we fail or succeed.

I do not know how much this Ad with help Hero Motocorp in their brand building [it is already a BIG brand in India today]. But 5 stars to this video which brings out hero in every common person.

Dil se kaho hai Hum Mein Hai Hero
Khul ke kaho hai Hum Mein Hai Hero
Hum Mein Hai Hero

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