Startup On Cloud (Or 9 Cloud-based Tools For Startups)

Starting a technology company has been becoming easier day by day [though same does not hold true for it’s success]. With the availability of so many cloud solutions, startups can save lot of money that was otherwise spent on expensive physical hardware. Here I have listed down 9 such tools that might be useful to you if you are starting a company.

Google Docs - Toolbar - Without icons

1. Google Docs – The best thing about google docs is that multiple members can edit the same doc at the same time. One can actually see what the other person is editing in real time. In addition you can organize your documents into folders and subfolders. Easy integration with Google forms help in building surveys/polls. One can also chat with collaborators while editing the doc.

Image representing Dropbox as depicted in Crun...

2. Dropbox (unto 2GB) – Dropbox has become a verb now – people are dropboxing their videos, files and photos. Although 2GB worth of space is free on dropbox, it is so addictive that you will soon paying for it to get more space. The best thing about Dropbox is that you can work on your documents even when you are offline.

3. Unfuddle – You can either set your own svn server and worry about managing it or you can start unfuddling. Unfuddle provides 200MB free space for one project to host your repositories. Free version supports unto two members. Code always comes with bugs, so there is also bug tracking mechanism in place. The best thing – you can request backups of your project.

Image representing Basecamp as depicted in Cru...

4. BasecampBasecamp is a project management tool from 37signals, a pioneer is designing simple and useful things to make life easier. Enough of tracking things through excel sheets.

5. Linode – Amazon Web Services may look very expensive if you are working on shoe string budget. Before you move on to a full-fledged cloud platform, linode provides bang for your buck at a very good performance. With higher number of linodes, you can also scale your startup to a good extend before moving on to AWS.  Best thing – gets you started in few minutes. Can be scaled up. Customer support is great.

6. YammerFor internal social networking, specially useful if you have geographically distributed teams.

7. Read It Later – Consider this – you come across some interesting webpage, you copy paste the link from the browser and send it to your colleagues. Now consider this – you come across some interesting webpage and you just press “read it later”. Although “read it later” was meant to read pages later, but we got accustomed to use it for sharing links among ourselves. How? – We use the same account on all our browsers.

8. Zoho / Sugar CRM – The free account of zoho will last you enough longer before you move on to your own crm server or paid version of other crm software. Alternatively, you can install community version of Sugar CRM on your hosting server.

9. Gmail Google Apps have good collection of free apps for your business, and the best among them is gmail. We all are accustomed to use gmail and have no doubts about credibility of google’s server. Gmail allows unto 10 email ids free on your domain. So instead of setting your own mail servers, one can delegate this task to google.

Any more tools to add to the list?

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