Startup on Cloud – Part 2

This one is continuation of my earlier post – Startup On Cloud (Or 9 Cloud-based Tools For Startups). I came across some more tools that startups can leverage. We, at, are either already using some of these or plan to use in future.

1. ClickTale/ Userfly

Image representing ClickTale as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

ClickTale tracks the user experience on website and helps in improving the user experience and conversion rates. Userfly is another alternative and I am sure there would be many such services available. These services track the mouse moves, clicks, scrolls etc and create videos of customers’ browsing experience. The heat maps generated can also help in making some important design decisions.

2. ClickDesk

We use Clickdesk to provide live chat service on our website. Being a consumer service company it helps us in having inbound interaction with our users. We have multiple ways in which users can reach us – feedback form, email, phone number and live chat – and it seems that users prefer live chat more than anything. The experience has been good so far if we discount the irrelevant or junk messages we get sometime (no fault of Clickdesk).

3. Intercom

Intercom is clean and simple CRM for tracking users and communicating with them. Intercom helps us to know when our users log in and to message them inside the app itself. It is not very feature heavy application but the its simplicity makes us always logged on to it in spite of having our won in-house CRM system.

4. Workflowy

After trying out tens of tools, Workflowy was an end to the search of a good project management tool. Like Intercom, it’s the simplicity of Workflowy that makes it so usable and worthy of occupying one permanent tab in my browser. A to-do list can grow to be very complex, specially for startup teams since there is too much multi-tasking (and lot of things to do!). Fortunately, there is workflowy that makes all the lists look simple. “One list to rule them all”, rightly quoted in Lifehacker. With simple collaboration tools, now it is not just a personal to-do list.

5. Google Website Optimizer

My earlier post covered tools from Google but I missed out this one. There are many other A/B testing tools available but nothing beats “free service” for startups running on shoe string budget. Google website optimizer helps in split testing landing pages or other important pages in web app. Sometimes, taking empirical is better than taking decisions based on past experiences or gut feeling.

6. LaunchRock

For creating a good “launching soon” page. We used this to create a launching soon page for our QnA platform and it saved us lot of time by not worrying about hosting, css, html etc.

7. Wildfire

Image representing Wildfire Interactive as dep...
Image via CrunchBase

When we set up the fan page for Eduflix, I did not know about Wildfire or Wildfire-like services. It took almost a day or half a day to create a welcome page. This time could have been easily saved had we known that there are services to create such pages. Wildfire came in handy when we redesigned the welcome page [although now we don’t have any welcome page]

8. Unbounce

For creating the landing pages and A/B testing the pages. We have around 10 landing pages for our website and creating a new page and creating variants to split test it always take up lot of extra work. Although we havent used it yet, in future we plan to use some service like Unbounce to make this process faster.

This completes the list as of now. Would love to hear more about such services that can speed up processes in a startup.

After writing this post, I realized that all the tools discussed above are for marketing. In part 3 of this series, I will cover technologies and frameworks that can be used in product development.

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