“Green” articles

Some interesting links on going “green”:

1. Two Companies, Two Different Blueprints for Reducing Global Warming – “green economy” presents lucrative opportunities for companies instead of being a burden. The article gives example of two companies: DuPont and NetJets. Dupont is investing in cellulose based biofuels and NetJets has come out with concept of “customer carbon offsets”

2. The future of energy | Economist.com – People are interested in environmental benefits but with rising price of oil and other fossil fuels, entrepreneurs are looking at greener technologies from profitability perspective. Probably thats the difference between earlier “green” drives and this one.

3. Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags – a good example of how taxes and awareness program together can be used for modifying the behavior of people. “Plastic bags were not outlawed, but carrying them became socially unacceptable”

4. Energy efficiency | The elusive negawatt – some interesting points raised in the article about energy efficiency. the biggest challenge lies in convincing people to pay (money and time wise) more for products to get the benefit in terms of energy, which is subsidized and cheap in many parts. on the other hand its interesting to see lot of ads on TV for ACs and refrigerators claiming lower energy consumption. i also liked the concept of ESCos or energy-service companies mentioned in the article

5. Wind power | Blowing at sea – wind power can be harnessed better in deep waters. however the technology is expensive as of now. Floating turbine technology can be the solution

6. Start-Ups Race to Produce ‘Green’ Cars – lot of companies betting on green technology. when will we see the effect on roads?