Yet Another Movie Marathon

The movie marathons are getting rare because of the six-day work week and writing about them is getting even rarer. However, I was able to squeeze in some time to watch these movies few days back [* Spoiler alert *] –

1. Kung-Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2
Kung Fu Panda 2

I had high hopes about this movie, mainly because of the great prequel which I have been watching over and over in last few years. And that is why, I chose this movie to show it to my 2-year old daughter in a cinema hall (this being her first movie out of home). I was disappointed. It is not a bad movie but failed my expectations. The story is very predictable and the movie is more about the action, which did not impress much on the 2D-screen. After getting the “secret ingredient” in the first movie, Po looks for and gets “inner peace” in this one.

2. Hangover 2

Hangover Part 2
Hangover Part 2

Again disappointed. Hangover part one was hilarious. The sequel is the same movie repackaged with some new events. There is no element of surprise, leaving nothing to guess while watching the movie. Making a sequent is inherently challenging when the first movie is good and Hangover 2 did not succeed in crossing this challenge. Bachelor party, drugging, last-minute turn up at the wedding and Mike Tyson – the first movie had it all. Well, this time there was no baby – he was replaced by a monkey.

3. Stanley ka Dabba

Stanley Ka Dabba Poster
Stanley Ka Dabba

The third movie saved the day. There are very few movies that inspire you to make movies. And this is one of them.

Why is Stanley not getting his dabba? The question keeps popping in your mind while watching the entertaining child actors going through their daily routine. Sadly, we get the answer later when Stanley gets a slap from his cruel Uncle. This is not a children’s film, i.e., not meant for kids as it seems, but for adults and carries a message about child laborers in India. More than the message, it is the Stanley’s positive attitude towards life that touches the heart.

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5 Inspiring Movies That Teach Entrepreneurship

As I keep repeating, entrepreneurs are irrational. And they need to be so. The biased optimism keeps the confidence high and helps them keep going. However, there are times when pessimism runs high (that sinking feeling). Its time to stop working and instead pick up some movies. And start watching non-stop –

1. The Shawshank Redemption

shawshank redemption“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Andy Dufresne kept his hope alive and kept on digging his way out of the prison. And how many days did it take him? Getting rejected by your customers and VCs? Been in business for so long but not getting rid of the red ink? Tried 50 things but nothing working out? There is no other way but to continue trying. Two very important lessons learnt from this movie – hope and perseverance

2. The Lord of the Rings – The Trilogy

The Lord of the RingsThis movie reminds that the journey is not easy. And the odds against are very high. Also there is no other option but to succeed. But if you and your team are firm and determined, you provide a solid leadership to your team, and team members trust each other blindly, it is possible to pass the test. There are innumerable lessons we can learn from this movie (and the book).

3. Dead Poets Society

dead_poets_societyStudy. Go to work. Climb corporate ladder. Keep getting pay hikes. Live easy life working 9-to-5.

That is conventional path. Entrepreneurs break out of this path somewhere. The words from O Captain my Captain –

“They’re not that different from you, are they? Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they’re destined for great things, just like many of you, their eyes are full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable? Because, you see gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? – – Carpe – – hear it? – – Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

4. Ice Age

Ice Age“That’s what you do in a herd: you look out for each other.” That even people like Diego change their hearts when they see trust. That all members in a team are different but are tied together with the same objective. And that you should have fun in your journey because that is where you spend most of your time.


5. Lagaan

lagaanA guy challenges winners to a game he has never played. He builds a team and brings out stars from ordinary men. He creates a solid plan and works with the team to execute it. All for a purpose. He was an entrepreneur. He was Bhuvan who defeated the opposite team at their own game.

Another Movie Marathon

Someday you wake up with a plan. someday things just happen. 31st December was one such day. It started with the morning 10 o’clock show at INOX with Tron Legacy. Followed up by Richie Rich (1994) in the afternoon, animated Cars in the evening and Twilight Saga and LOTR (probably for the 25th time) in the night. Here are short reviews.

Tron Legacy – I am not too much into sci-fi movies and don’t watch many of them. In spite of that, I find them to be so similar to each other. Tron Legacy was no different. Matrix was the movie, rest many of them are just hangovers with programs and grids and users. To give some points, it had few good 3D effects.

Richie Rich – Fun movie to watch with family but gets too dragging by the time it ends. Nothing new in the story but a good timepass.

Twilight Saga – I had been holding off myself from watching vampire movies. And after watching this movie, I think I was rightly so. A girl loves a Vampire and then there are werewolves and confrontations between the three parties. The marathon was taking its toll, I dozed off in between.

LOTR – The Return of the King – My favourite of the trilogy and one of the favourites of all the movies. Wonderful story (read the book), fabulous productions, amazing war scenes and Aragorn. Enough to keep you awake even when you are watching it nth time and it is 3 o’clock of the happy new year morning.

Next movie marathon wish-list – Social Network, Wall Street 2, Dhobhi Ghat, a good war movie and a good animation movie.

The Dark Knight

I fail to understand how this movie is third in IMDB top250. I agree that the movie was good but number three – naah. The overall plot is good with good performances by Chris Bale (The Batman) and Heath Ledger (The Joker) and certainly one of the best movies of 2008.

Couple of things were predictable in the plot like The Joker acting dead while some junkies present him to the gang-lord (dont know who he was) for the prize money. And when Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) declares himself as Batman.

There were also couple of cool scenes in the movie. The first scene with Bank robbery, and the one where The Joker goes to the “conference” of the gangsters. Among the action scenes, the one where Batman’s car converts into a motor bike and when he topples the truck down with his strings, were the best. Even the “prisoner’s dilemma” was used aptly in the end by means of the “social experiment” in the ships by The Joker.

I would give it 5 out of 5.

Movie Marathon

It has been a long weekend (with one day to go) and because of lack of any plans to go out, I decided for a moviethan, i.e. watching movies non-stop for as long as I have the availability irrespective of the quality of the movie. Although I have had lot of such moviethans in my college, but now with lot of work-pressure (:p) and family life, I do not get lot of such chances. So here is my 1-day movie streak:

Thur night: “The King of Bollywood” – Starring Om Puri, who hogs most of the screen presence, it is kind of an attempt to make a spoof of Indian movie industry. Similar attempt, and a very descent one was made by Nagesh Kukunoor in his movie “Hollywood Bollywood”. On the other hand, this one was mostly like a B grade movie.

Fri morning: “Leon”
– This was the best one of all. The story is around a hitman named Leon (played by Jean Reno) and a twelve year girl named Mathilda (Natalie Portman). The entire plot was very gripping more so the ending. A very well executed movie with fine dialogs. Definitely a must watch.

Fri afternoon: “Singh is King”
– The movie has nothing more than Akshay. He has got this ability to make you laugh just by the way he talks. The movie had arbitrary flow, dance and action sequences. And it becomes a bit dragging after second half. Should have given it a miss and gone for “The Dark Knight” 😦

Fri night: “The terrorists” – A tamil movie dubbed in Hindi with English subtitles. A part of life of suicide bomber Malli, the movie builds around her feelings and emotions. Water is depicted multiple times (probably inspired by Tarkovsky).

Sat morning: “Ugli aur Pugli” – Couldnt make out the purpose of this movie. Was it for comedy? It failed. Ranvir tries to make people laugh ans succeeds at times but by the end of the movie, i got so bored that I decided to break my Moviethan.

Kung Fu Panda – “There is no secret ingredient”

…and “There are no accidents”, Kung-Fu Panda is all about believing in oneself. If you want to do something different in life (being a dragon-warrior) rather than doing what circumstances are making you do (selling noodles), you have to believe in oneself. You may not have what it needs (flexibility, knowing kung fu) and may be derided by the others knowing the game (for being big Fat Panda), but if you want something desperately and give yourself to the cause of it(falling down stairs multiple times), nothing can stop you. A good mentor (master Shifu) certainly helps. Specially if he realizes how to motivate you(Eating) and make you feel that you are the one (The Big Fat Panda and not just a Big Fat Panda).

Bhool Bhoolaiya – Worth watching once

Warning: Spoiler ahead….

Typical Priyadarshan movie… Movie starts with comic sequence in a Haweli with Paresh Rawal who is assigned to maintain and clean it before its owner Sidhharth (Shiny Ahuja) comes to stay for some time from America with his wife Avani (Vidhya Balan). Incidently Haweli has got a ghosts inside which later is revealed to be that of Manjulika, a dancer in the court of the king. The king, jealous of love between Manjulika and Shashidhar (a musician in the king’s court) kills Shashidhar in cold blood in front of Manjulika. She kills herself after that and her ghosts hounds in the Haweli making life of everybody living in the Haweli a pain. This is the story which is bought by all the villagers and they live happily everafter accepting this fact and avoiding the Haweli…

..only till Sidhharth with his wife comes and insists to live in the same Haweli… It takes almost half of the movie to built the plot.. and movie looks very drab but for one or two comic sequences… The mood changes completely with the entry of Akshay (dont remember the name in the movie) , a phychiatrist friend of Shiny who comes to treat Radha (Ameesha Patel). Radha had lond cherished dreams of marrying Shiny but her dreams get shattered when Shiny comes with his ten days old marriage with Avani… Shiny attributes all the unpleasant and ghostly incidents happening in Haweli to Radha…

What follows if a drama unravelling the mystery of the ghost in the Haweli.. Akshay justifies his role as a good entertainer and completely takes control of the plot in the later half of the movie… Vidhya acts well specially when Manjulika enters her … Shiny is usual.. Ameesha has got a small part which is plays aptly…

In all.. a good paisa wasool entertainer…