The Senseless Language of Terror

Past 24hrs in Bombay have got typical characteristics of a “Black Swan” event as described by Nassim Taleb – unpredictable, consequential and quite obvious when looked in retrospective. Had it been predictable, we could have saved number of lives and loss of property. And its impact will change the future course of behavior of people. And now when we look in the past, it looks obvious that the long stretch of our seas is literally unguarded. One day it was supposed to happen!

It is quite ironical that yesterday, according to the media, some players of Indian Cricket Team refused to play in Pakistan because of presumed risk of life. Bombay’s incidence shows that India is equally in shit and so is US or UK or any other country in this world. There is a fundamental problem calling for a desperate solution.

If the terrorists are trying to prove a point, they have chosen a wrong way! Nobody is going to get their perspective if they mercilessly kill people like this in cold blood. If they are taking revenge, why kill innocent people who dont even know what they are killing for? Looking at incidence like these, even a liberal person wont hesitate to talk about showing no mercy to them. Forget about thinking their point of view. The world will keep getting divided with each incidence adding another brick in The Wall.